You may not realize it yet, but Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful programs your organization has access to. When I say it can do just about anything, I mean that in the most sincere way possible. Its use cases are endless, and just when you think you've scratched the bottom of the barrel when it comes to the multitude of ways to use this astounding piece of software, the bottom gives way to yet another unknowable depth of functionality. And to prove just one of it's non-standard (and frankly, not recommended) use cases, I built youcandoanythingwithexcel.com.

One part impressive, two parts cursed, this website was made entirely in Microsoft Excel 2019. It features much of what a standard website has. It has a menu, text boxes, graphics, and a clean material design. I'll admit that it's a little janky and has no mobile version, but overall it is a fairly decent site. For the full breakdown on how I did it along with a download for the Excel files in case you wanted to try it yourself, take a look at it here.

Roselia is a Discord bot that helps users send snazzy embeds to their #releases channel. It's built for web comic creators, scanlators, fanfic authors, and anyone who needs to release anything to Discord. It allows users to easily craft embeds that contain information like chapter number, chapter title, series title, a quick description, links to where to find it online, and more.

Roselia is in active development, but check back for updates. Once she's up and running, you'll be able to invite her to your Discord from here.

Danger/u/ is a community centered around the cyberpunk bartender action simulator VA-11 Hall-A. I run the periodic ████████ threads, adding █████ to the ████████ as requested by the community members. It's a public ████████, so it requires a bit of tending to. A lot of the █████ are actually made by the community members as well, so it ends up being a neat little thing to look through once in a while.

The freshest street fashion on the internet! This storefront is available to only an elite group of individuals, and features the latest and the greatest in terms of webcore style. We structure our store in the form of drops. We never have more than a handful of products displayed on the storefront at any given time. And when one drop ends? The products making up that drop are gone. For good.

Every drop is different, and we never do the same thing twice. We work with global partners to ensure the speedy delivery of high quality goods that will last. Our network consists of designers, global fulfillment partners, and the aforementioned elite group of individuals. We will never green light a drop without rigorous testing of production samples by our crew. To top it off, we take a 0% cut. Each and every single shirt we sell costs you exactly what it cost us to make it.

The shirts are unironically extremely comfortable.

Café Alpha is a community centered around the magnificent Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou by the genius Hitoshi Ashinano. I help facilitate a weekly discussion where we delve deeper into the works the series consists of, and it's related content. It's honestly the comfiest manga I've ever read, and the animation is stellar as well. The music is top tier, and the sound design fits the environment perfectly. I highly recommend the series to anyone who wants to sit back, snuggle up, and wind down.

These weekly discussions will soon be posted over on either meipo.ro, ykk.moe, or alphas.coffee. Ideally, there will also be a database of merchandise, interviews with the author, and more related to the series. I'd like to make it the most comprehensive resource for information regarding the series on the internet. Check back for updates.

A Minecraft server for the greater Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou community. Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou is an apocalyptic slice-of-life iyashikei manga published in the '90s. The community is scattered around the net, but anyone who is a fan, and who would like to can join the Minecraft server. The link floats around the community, so if you'd like to play, watch the OVAs and join us!

The server is fairly bare bones, at the request of the community. We've got the main survival world, a creative world, and a resource world. Basic economy, grief prevention, and shop plugins are in place, along with the standard perms plugins. It has TAB, Placeholder and Scoreboard Revision to display scores and such, plus some other silly stuff.

A fun little playlist created by the Café Alpha community. Anyone who wants to can add a song. It's got some great music. This actually started as a weekly discussion topic, but ended up just becoming a continual community project.

If you need something to put on in the background while you work or study, consider listening through it.

In its final production stages.

The Kawaii Desu Network, also known as the Corny People, also known as the Chorny People, also known as the... Chunchy People(?) is a group of people and projects, tied together via a webring. A webring is an age-old internet concept designed to promote one another's web pages by means of linking to each other in a circle such that an end user could click through all the ring's member's sites and end up in their starting position. The founding members are as follows.

The Kyou System, an ongoing multimedia project. It is comprised of Kyou, the author of said projects, and their systems. That is to say, their creations in any form. Those forms may consist of music, digital artwork, ink and pencil art, video games, writings, and any mixture of the aforementioned.

The Flesh Network, a web blog centered around philosophy, technology, and (of course) flesh. The site is interesting to poke through, and I recommend you do. The host of the Flesh Network also so happens to be the host of our webring's HQ, so shoutout there.

enð, a creative harking from █████████. While enð's endeavors may be in the fields of music, visual art, writing, and gardening, this particular site is mainly about technology, glitch art, and music.

And myself.

I__bags is an indie ambient music artist with thousands of streams on Bandcamp. Their album covers generally feature scenes of landscapes, plants, rivers, and other natural elements. The music is often calming, and brings images of wildlife to the mind. I actually used one of I__bag's tracks in another project. It's great stuff to put on in the background.

While vacationing in the mountains I took a few pics and upon sharing them, I__bags asked if they could use one in a cover for their upcoming album Fresh. After releasing the photos to the public domain, that's exactly what they did. You can listen through the album here. Their Bandcamp page's background is also a photo of mine. It was a good trip.

Something about the static of a VHS tape puts the mind on edge. It's contrast against the clean and tidy media we're used to consuming daily. 4K, high definition screens featuring dizzying levels of contrast surround us. On them, the sleekest of websites without imperfection. When you put something on tape, it loses its fidelity. It's colors get washed and it's details lost. Something about not being able to quite see past the treeline of a nature video on VHS is disturbing. Something about not knowing is disturbing. Something about being unable to know is disturbing.

thisworldisagift.mp4 is a short creepy video I threw together in a day. It features scenes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and accompanying music by I__bags and 7882. The voice over is done by S.A.M (Software Automatic Mouth), a text to speech software built for the Commodore 64 in 1982.

To some, this video might be a relaxing way to view the beautiful landscapes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. To others, it may be off-putting. Some may see it as an environmental activist video. Others may see it as a threat. Ultimately, I just made it for the sake of making a creepy video. Any meaning to be found in it is meaning made up by the viewer.

In early December 2021, Typhoon Rai (known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Odette) tore apart the archipelagic country. The community of Danger/u/ was notified via a member who was on the ground at the time it happened. The damage was immense, and the message from our friend would be the last we heard of them for weeks. At 4AM on December 21 we sprung into action, and by 11AM we had officially launched our fundraiser.

The fundraiser consisted of a small team and a site. It had a simple structure. Community members would make a donation to the Philippine Red Cross, and message one of the team members the receipt. After verifying the donation, the community member would get rewards corresponding to the amount they donated.

Despite the simple structure, it ended up being a great community event. We broke through our initial goal of $1000 in a matter of hours, and in the end raised $1769.69. Not to shabby for something thrown together in a few hours. Our friend ended up being okay too, which was a relief.

The fundraiser is over, but feel free to take a look at the archived web page here.

A private link shortner, designed for use in the Roselia Bot. I accidentally dropped the database tables. It will be back up shortly.

A relic of a web long past. Webrings were a collection of websites linked together in a circular structure. That is to say, if you were to visit any given site in a webring, there would be a small embed like the one on the bottom of the page. You could click next to go to the next site, and previous to visit the previous site. If you were to click next on all of the pages within the ring, you will have arrived back at your initial site, completing the ring.

The █████████ Community Webring is a largely unsuccessful webring at the time of writing, but I also haven't put a lot of work into it. It's a semi-retired project that may see a revival sooner or later.

At the height of the NFT craze in January 2022, Twitter released a feature that allowed users to showcase any NFTs they owned on their profiles. Specifically, users could set their profile photo as their verifiably owned NFT. These NFT profile photos could be told apart from regular profile photos by their signature hexagonal shape.

The natural response was to crop my profile photo into a hexagon. And that's how this little service was born. For a period of time, I offered to crop anyone's profile photo into the shape of a hexagon, no questions asked. It was really just a template in Photoshop, which you can find available for download here, in case you would like to participate in an outdated meme.

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